Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy Battling ‘Sam & Cat’ Cancellation Rumors

Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy might have to look for another job if there’s any truth to these Sam & Cat cancellation rumors.

Of course, it’s highly doubtful that Nickelodeon will bid farewell to the show simply because a few risqué photos of McCurdy made the rounds online. Since there’s nothing outrageously shocking in the pics, chances are Ariana Grande and her co-star won’t have to think about life beyond the sitcom just yet.

The International Business Times theorizes that Nickelodeon could kick the show to the curb since Grande and McCurdy have a large following among pre-teen girls. Scandal often causes all sorts of problems for kid-oriented programming, though it’s unlikely these images will amount to anything more than a moment to mild embarrassment for the star.

However, a lot of fans were a little shocked that Jennette would take such revealing pics of herself. As the actress pointed out, the images were never meant for public consumption.

“To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to one person. You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak with candor,” she wrote on Twitter.

While rumors about the show’s cancellation continue to make the rounds on social media, Classicalite points out that Sam & Cat returns with a new episode next weekend. There’s also a huge one-hour special featuring former iCarly star Noah Munck scheduled for March 29. For the moment, the show is apparently safe and sound.

So what does Ariana Grande think about her co-star’s leaked photos? The singer hasn’t responded to the situation as of this writing. Since she’s currently busy putting together a project with Chris Brown and performing at the White House, Grande has much more pressing matters on her plate right now.

However, it’s likely that Ariana has privately discussed the situation with Jennette. After all, the actresses are apparently pretty good friends.

McCurdy recently told Nickutopia:

“For us, if we’re on set we’ll rehearse and then we’ll go and have lunch together. Then we go back to work and if we’re exhausted then we just go straight home but if we’re just hanging out for fun, I’ll usually just go over to Ariana’s house and we’ll watch movies, pick outfits out for each other and plan what we’re each going to wear.”

Are you a fan of Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy’s Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat? Do you think the comedy is in danger of getting cancelled?

[Image via Nickelodeon]