Kate Upton: Nude Photo Fake Has Lawsuit Threat, But Uncensored Naked Photos Do Exist

Photos featuring Kate Upton nude and uncensored on the website Celeb Jihad were apparently faked, which is not a surprise if you spend more than two seconds browsing the website. In the letter from the lawyers, Ms. Upton complained that “one of these photographs has even been airbrushed.” But while the article entitled “Kate Upton Naked Outtake From SI Swimsuit 2014” was photoshopped, it’s been claimed there have been uncensored leaked photos of Kate Upton naked in the past.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when Kate Upton bared all on a horse for a photo shoot, TMZ managed to get hold of a leaked video of Kate Upton topless on a horse. But they were enough of a gentleman to preserve some of Kate’s dignity by digitally censoring Kate Upton’s boobs with big red stars, although they also posted a video of the editors watching the uncensored version. Even though Kate Upton’s topless pictures and videos were censored, TMZ was eventually forced to take the video down.

Shortly after the video was axed other websites began claiming the uncensored version was leaked. At the time, both International Business Times and Celeb Jihad claimed the leaked video and photo were screen captures from the original video. Although there wasn’t any way to determine the veracity of these claims, if the video was edited then the result looked very good to the naked eye (pun intended).

News about Upton’s lawsuit against Celeb Jihad may perhaps shed some light on another part of the story. Since Celeb Jihad was apparently one of the first websites to post an uncensored photo of Kate Upton nude on a horse it’s possible they edited the video from TMZ. After all, some of the animated GIF images floating around on the internet have the TMZ logo stamped on them, but there’s versions where there’s no logo. It’s also possible that the uncensored version was leaked from TMZ. The only remaining possibility is that whoever gave the original to TMZ also leaked it onto the internet. What do you think really happened?