Detroit Tigers Will Win the 2014 World Series — Here’s Why

The Detroit Tigers will be the team to beat in Major League Baseball this season and many are expecting that the Tigers will finally break through and win the World Series in 2014. Of course, the Tigers have come close before. Detroit made it to the ALCS in 2013 before losing to the eventual world champion Boston Red Sox. In 2012, the Tigers made it all the way to the fall classic before being swept by the San Francisco Giants.

So what is it about this year that will make things turn out differently? The Detroit Free Press has spelled out several things to watch for from the Tigers this year. Needless to say, the expectations are high, but if things fall into place, you will see the Tigers hoist the World Series trophy in 2014 — 30 years since Detroit’s last championship.

Here are the reasons why Detroit will win the World Series this year:

Miguel Cabrera

Yep. Cabrera is a reason all by himself. Never in recent memory has one player (not suspected of using steroids) so totally dominated the offensive game the way Cabrera has done over the last couple of years. A simple glance at his stats is all you need to see what we’re talking about. Cabrera has won back-to-back MVP awards while completing two of the most epic offensive seasons in the history of the game — including winning the elusive triple crown in 2012.


They say that pitching wins championships. If that’s true, then the Tigers are poised for a championship run this year. For years, the Tigers have boasted the best pitcher in the game, Justin Verlander. After an off-season surgery, Verlander is set to come back with an amazing season. Combine Verlander’s pitching prowess with the revelation that was Cy Young award-winner Max Scherzer in 2013 and you almost guarantee yourself a win in a seven-game postseason series.


Nobody stays on top forever and the Detroit Tigers players realize this. After a great deal of success over the last couple of seasons, the Tigers’ window of opportunity might be closing. Players and management realize this and all groups should be ready to make the necessary sacrifices to make this the season in which they finally win it all. This may even include a mid-season trade to bring in another bat to help out Cabrera.

Of course, winning the world series won’t be an easy chore. However, if the Detroit Tigers are destined to win the World Series, then this has to be the year. The opportunity may not come around again too soon.

Image via AP/Darron Cummings