Middle School Teacher Accidently Shows Class Homemade Sex Video

A 7th grade class in Little Rock, Ark., got an unexpected dose of sex education when a teacher accidentally showed the class a personal sex tape.

The steamy, homemade video apparently shows the teacher and her fiance getting busy. One student reportedly told his dad after he got home that the footage showed the teacher performing sex acts on the boyfriend.

The teacher, who claimed the video of herself and her lover somehow got included with her lesson plans, contacted the parents to apologize. “The woman quickly admitted the faux pas to officials at Forest Heights Middle School and later in the day called the parents of all the pupils — aged 12-13 — to apologize. Many parents are however unhappy with a perceived lack of action that has been taken by the school district authorities in Little Rock, Arkansas since the incident on Wednesday.”

One parent acknowledged that the teacher was apologetic about the mistake, but he added that “My heart goes out to not only my son, but other kids in the classroom… I want something done. My concern is with [my son] being in that environment.”

The school district has an investigation underway into the inappropriate adult video, and some form of discipline is expected to be forthcoming to hold the teacher accountable. “School leaders say they are not taking this issue lightly and they are working to find the appropriate disciplinary action.” They also want to find ways to prevent this kind of unauthorized content from showing up in the classroom in the future.

Do you buy the teacher’s explanation that the X-rated video got mixed up with her class prep notes? What sort of discipline should be imposed on a teacher for playing a sex tape to her pupils in class by mistake? In other words, how should a teacher in this scenario get schooled, if at all?

[image credit: Shutterstock]