Buffalo Wild Wings Wants You To Play With Tablets While You Eat

Buffalo Wild Wings wants you to have a fantastic interactive experience while you’re stuffing your face at one of its restaurants around the country.

Although patrons run the risk of making an absolute mess with their saucy fingers, apparently the folks at BWW don’t care about such things. The company has installed touch-screen terminals at some of its locations, allowing bored eaters to fiddle with videos, games, and music in-between bites.

According to Pioneer Press, Buffalo Wild Wings wants to bring that experience to every customer in the United States. The restaurant chain plans to install tablets on its tables throughout the country, giving everyone a chance goof around while they eat.

“Our Guests come to Buffalo Wild Wings for our ultimate sports-viewing atmosphere, flavorful wings and icy beers — but we also wanted to take our personal entertainment platform to the next level,” Buffalo Wild Wings’ Ben Nelsen said in a recent statement.

He continued, “We worked closely with Buzztime to customize tabletop tablets that align with our brand, streamline some of our most popular gaming and music features and enhance Guests’ social interaction with the Buffalo Wild Wings brand. Our intention is that the suite of features will evolve as we continue to listen to our Guests and bring them the best possible in-restaurant experience.”

So what does all of that customized tabletop tablet mumbo jumbo really mean? In short: You won’t have an opportunity to search for your favorite porn videos while you’re downing a plate of wings at BWW. You can play with the apps and games the company provides on the tablets, which is probably a very smart idea.

The official statement on the matter explains that Buzztime’s BEOND tablet will also allow Buffalo Wild Wings customers to order food and pay their bill without having to deal with a waiter or waitress. While the food is getting cooked up in the kitchen, people can listen to music or what select television shows with their friends.

Although all 150 corporate-owned BWW locations feature the nifty seven-inch tablets, the company hopes to roll out the terminals to approximately 500 restaurants by the end of 2014. Buffalo Wild Wings’ ultimate plan is to offer the tablets all over North America by next year. If the location down the street doesn’t get it soon, then don’t pitch a fit. The chain will satisfy your need to eat wings and get your greasy fingerprints on a touch screen before long.

BWW isn’t the only company looking to give customers an interactive experience while chowing down on food. The Inquisitr previously reported that Pizza Hut will soon begin rolling out a tabletop touchscreen system that allows folks to digitally put together their pies right at the table.

What do you think about Buffalo Wild Wings offering tabletop touch-screen terminals at all of its locations?

[Image via TwinCities.com]