Detroit Cop Allegedly Raped Woman After Responding To Her 911 Domestic Violence Call

A Detroit cop allegedly raped a woman who had called 911 for help after a reported domestic violence incident with her boyfriend

According to police, there is DNA evidence connecting the officer to the alleged sexual assault of the domestic violence victim.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of October 30, but the officer was arraigned in court on Friday. “A 31-year-old woman told investigators that after the officers arrived she was taken to an upstairs bedroom by one while the other remained downstairs with her boyfriend. The woman said she was sexually assaulted in the bedroom by the officer, who told her he would return later that morning, prosecutors said.”

The Detroit police officer, identified in multiple media accounts as Deon Nunlee, 40, did not return to the woman’s residence, however. The victim reported the alleged assault to police the following day, and the officer was temporarily assigned to desk duty.

When the results of a rape kit came back on February 17, the officer was suspended from the force without pay, according to a police official.

Officer Nunlee faces charges of second degree criminal sexual conduct, assault with intent to penetrate, and misconduct in office. Nunlee, who has served on the Detroit PD for six years, is due back in court on April 17.

According to Detroit Police Chief James Craig, “This is the type of misconduct that should never happen.This does not reflect the work the Detroit Police Department does each and every day.”

The chief, who earlier this year headlines by suggesting that more law-abiding citizens carry guns in the crime-ridden, bankrupt city, also commented that the other officer who responded to the domestic disturbance call did nothing wrong. “[Craig] said that in domestic dispute situations, officers do keep parties at safe distance, but in this case, they were in different parts of the home.”

[image credit: Sean Davis]

More information about the Detroit cop who allegedly raped a domestic violence victim is contained in this news video: