Delicious French Toast – 5 Creative Recipes

It must be a French toast morning. The sun’s golden glow is just beginning to kiss the treetops as you rise from bed, a ravenous hunger consuming your every thought. What kind of appetizing breakfast could you create from the ordinary staples in the kitchen pantry? Something quick and easy is needed. Your day is calling to you, and the schedule is tight. There is no time for gourmet fare. Simple toast is just that – too simple. But with a few eggs, slices of bread, and some spice, you have the makings for something wonderful!

This scenario has played out in my own house countless times over the years. French toast, with its gooey goodness encased in a crispy crunch, is a favorite among people of all ages. The plethora of websites dedicated to recipes makes it easy to venture out into uncharted territory and create an amazing breakfast that rivals even the best restaurants. French toast does not require a high level of cooking experience, or an inordinate amount of time, making it a perfect meal for many families.

The following five recipes are just an example of ways to add variety to the old tried-and-true basic French toast of which we are all familiar. Ranging from healthy to kid-friendly, these are sure to bring delight to people in all walks of life.

1.) Cinnamon French Toast– The twist to this recipe is not the flavor palate, for cinnamon is a common additive to this dish, but the fact that it is a healthy alternative to traditional French toast. This is offered by the staff of the Mayo Clinic, a trusted health source. The nutrition facts are listed below the recipe instructions.

2.) Martha Stewart’s French Toast Kebabs– Alternating fresh fruit and French toast cubes, these are a fun breakfast treat for children and adults alike.

3.) Savoury French ToastThe Cooking Channel is widely known for delivering interesting and flavorful recipe ideas. Featuring baguettes, herbes de Provence, and a serving suggestion of tomato jam, this promises to be a taste sensation.

4.) Quick and Easy French Toast Casserole- Celebrity cook, Rachael Ray, tantalizes our taste buds with a breakfast casserole that is a snap to fix, and appropriate for a larger family or party.

5.) Crockpot Fluffy French Toast– Slow cooker meals are quite possibly the easiest of all dishes to prepare. The simmering spices scent the air with mouth-watering aromas, creating a pleasant anticipation.

French toast is a classic comfort food for many. Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share?

Photo courtesy of Weelicious.