San Francisco Police Officer Shot, Manhunt Produces Three Suspects In Custody

A San Francisco police officer was shot and wounded after pulling over a vehicle suspected to be involved in a malicious mischief complaint on Saturday. Three suspects have been detained after a lengthy car chase into early Sunday morning that began in San Francisco and ended in San Jose.

The 28-year-old San Francisco officer and his partner had initially responded to the mischief report and approached the suspected vehicle. The driver of the vehicle allegedly began to back up, an action that compelled the wounded officer’s partner to fire at the car. According to witnesses, shots were fired from the driver, and after the vehicle took off, the wounded officer, who had approached the vehicle from the driver’s side, discovered he had been shot in the left shoulder.

The name of the injured San Francisco officer has yet to be released, but he was taken to a local hospital. The most recent reports have indicated the officer is in serious but stable condition. The 28-year old San Francisco cop has been in the police department for six years.

This incident and the subsequent discovery of the suspect’s vehicle ten miles from the initial scene prompted San Francisco authorities to begin an extensive manhunt of the area. The vehicle was located in Daly City near a residential area and a shopping mall. The shopping mall remained open during the manhunt, but several blocks in the nearby neighborhood were shut down as the San Francisco police scoured the streets and several homes in the area looking for the suspect.

Several San Francisco streets were barricaded and residents of the neighborhood were not allowed back in for the duration of the lengthy search. Many residents, including Adeline Canares, waited patiently outside the San Francisco police perimeter until the search concluded:

“So I’m stuck out here, and if (my husband) came out, he couldn’t go back. And now my cell phone is out of batteries,” Canares said. “I’m just worried because I want to go home and rest and eat.”

San Francisco police eventually determined the suspected shooter was not in the area, and officially ended the search around 8:45 pm, allowing residents back into their homes. San Francisco police spokesman Gordon Shyy explained the situation:

“The person we are looking for is not here. We had reason to believe he had prior contact in the area. He was not at those residences.”

San Francisco police continued the search into the night and early morning hours, until another vehicle involved in the shooting was located and ultimately stopped by the California Highway Patrol. The three suspects are currently in custody pending an investigation.

This incident comes on the heels of another shooting in downtown San Francisco involving a teenaged victim in February.