Pizza Hut Employee Saves A Customer's Life

Cassie Boss

A Pizza Hut employee from Kendallville, Indiana is being called a hero after she helped saved the life of a customer whose heart stopped beating while eating at her restaurant.

According to MyFox Philadelphia, the Pizza Hut employee, now being identified as 31-year-old Heather Bateman, had been working a Sunday shift at a Pizza Hut in Kendallville when an elderly man reportedly passed out.

"All I heard was somebody yelled call 911," said Bateman. "I yelled for my manager and he came down, and we saw a man still sitting in his chair with his head tilted back."

It was at that point Bateman sprang into action. Turns out, she used to be an emergency medical technician and knew to move the man to the floor and to start chest compressions until further help arrived. It was her quick thinking and actions that helped save the man's life.

The elderly man has since been identified as 64-year-old Carl Weathers. According to WLFI, Weather's doesn't remember much of the event. "I felt dizzy," he said. "Then after that, I don't remember anything, other than coming to with the EMS there."

The report continued on to explain that Weathers has returned home from the hospital, now has a nurse living with him for precautionary measures considering the fact that doctors still aren't sure what exactly caused him to pass out and his heart to stop beating. Weathers told reporters that he is very grateful for the quick actions of Bateman and the Pizza Hut manager.

"I really appreciate Heather and her manager helping me out. That just shows you, the first responders are out there, and they do help you. You never know when something like that will happen," said Weathers. "She was there at the right place, at the right time. It was a good thing that she was. It helped me out a lot."

While people are calling Bateman a hero for her quick actions, she doesn't think she is. According to News Sentinel, the Pizza Hut employee believes that she was just doing what she was trained to do. She went on to tell reporters that her training took over and once she and her manager got Weathers to the ground.

"I did three or four compressions and he had started to vomit," she said. "Once I got him on his side, he took a big breath and he came to. It's always an amazing feeling. My adrenaline was obviously still pumping at the time, but I don't call myself a hero. I like to help people."

Weathers stated that once he is well enough, he wants to visit the Pizza Hut again so that he can thank Bateman in person for helping save his life.

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