Justin Timberlake Helps Jessica Biel Celebrate Her Birthday, Divorce Rumors Still Swirling

Justin Timberlake recently helped Jessica Biel celebrate her birthday during a trip to Miami Beach. However, the couple is still battling a slew of divorce rumors.

No matter what Timberlake and his wife do to prove that they’re still very much a happy couple, the internet seems determined to tear them down. Even when they’re hanging out to together in public, folks watch their every moment for any telltale signs of turmoil.

According to People, Justin and Jessica recently took a trip to Miami Beach for the actress’ birthday. With Timberlake’s parents in tow, they paid a visit to a joint called the Forge. Instead of dining with the masses, Justin took everyone to a private area of the restaurant.

“The group entered the restaurant around 9 pm through the front door and walked directly to the secluded wine cellar. It is one of the prettiest places to have a party you can imagine,” an anonymous source told the publication.

Biel even took a moment out of her busy schedule to thank her fans and followers on Twitter for all the birthday wishes.

Does this rare excursion together into a public place prove that Justin Timberlake and his wife are doing just fine? That really depend on what you choose to believe these days. The couple often finds the strength of their relationship frequently called into question by publications who rely on nameless insiders and anonymous sources for questionable info.

According to the International Business Times, one rumor making the rounds suggests that Biel isn’t at all happy with Timberlake’s busy tour schedule. Since the singer is preparing to take his show to Australia, she’s reportedly a little concerned that all of this time apart will ultimately destroy their marriage.

“Being apart from your spouse for weeks or months at a time isn’t healthy in Jessica’s eyes. She fears she and Justin will grow apart. Jessica is well aware that women throw themselves at Justin when he’s on tour. There is temptation there and that makes her very uncomfortable,” someone apparently told OK! magazine.

Since Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have yet to officially address the state of their relationship in any official capacity, you probably shouldn’t get too hung up on these rumors. Until one of them appears on Ellen and tells the world about their issues, assume that everything is presently as right as rain.

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