‘Big Bang Theory’ Snags Top Thursday Ratings; New Lego Set

The Big Bang Theory has once again taken top honors in the ratings for Thursday night according to the The Hollywood Reporter. But that’s not all, CNET.com is reporting that The Big Bang Theory may also be getting their very own customized LEGO set courtesy of Lego Cuusoo.

That’s right, if voters have their way, collectors may be able to get their hands on a replica Big Bang Theory living room set, complete with everyone’s favorite cast members including Raj, Howard, Leonard, Penny and of course Sheldon Cooper, played by Emmy winning actor Jim Parsons. Speaking of Parsons, fans are also able to vote on which iconic T-Shirt they would like to see the Sheldon Cooper figure don for the set as Lego Cuusoo was “having trouble deciding on which shirt [looks] best.”

Lego Cuusoo is a site dedicated to Lego fanatics where fans can actually propose a new Lego idea. According to the web site, “if a project gets 10,000 votes The LEGO Group will consider producing it.” The description for The Big Bang Theory‘s Lego set reads:

This LEGO set proposal is based on the popular American sitcom The Big Bang Theory created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The set represents the living room of Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, which is the core location of the series. It’s filled with geeky details accurate to the show including Sheldon’s board, the Green Lantern lantern, the Rubik’s cube tissue box, the DNA model, and more!

Meanwhile, the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory led CBS to another Thursday night win according to Hollywood Reporter:

“CBS remained Thursday champs with both adults 18-49 (2.7 rating) and total viewers (10.7 million) last night. The Big Bang Theory (5.2 adults) led a wave of general improvement, up two-tenths of a point from last week.”

The episode of Big Bang Theory, titled The Friendship Turbulence, found Sheldon and Howard, played by Simon Hedberg, trying to overcome their ten year feud and connect as friends. The other central plot from the episode centers around Leonard trying to understand his girlfirend Penny’s career choices. Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco, is trying to become a burgeoning actress, a plot line not explored very much according to Denofgeek.com:

“Perhaps the show-runners are afraid of looking too much like they’re trying to ape Friends and Joey’s occasional forays into terrible acting in dreadful plays, adverts and soap operas, but there’s an essential difference between Joey and Penny; Joey was a bad actor in bad productions, but it’s been established that although Penny can’t sing, she is a genuinely decent actress, albeit one who hasn’t had many decent roles.”

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights on CBS.