Bill Clinton, Ex-US President, Poses For Photo With Prostitutes

Bill Clinton, former president of the United States of America, was caught posing for a post-party pic with two prostitutes in Los Angeles.

67 year old Clinton was the keynote speaker and one of the main guests of a philanthropy gala held in Los Angeles for Unite4Charity. After the event, Bill was approached by two legal prostitutes, brunette Ava Adora and blonde Barbie Girl for a quick snapshot.

The two claim to be Bill’s biggest fans.

They work for the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a brothel in Nevada most popular for being the central location for the HBO series Cathouse.

Some sources say that the two drunkenly gatecrashed the event, stole a quick photo with Bill Clinton and hurriedly escaped the premises before guards could apprehend them.

However, Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch denied these rumors. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Hof confirmed that he and his two employees were official guests at the charity event. Ron Jeremy, legendary porn star was also there with the group.

Hof added that the two even had to snub big Hollywood stars to get Bill to take a photo with them.

Many big names were present during the event, including Martin Scorsese, Sean Penn, Robert DeNiro and Forest Whitaker. Bill Clinton gave the keynote address and was awarded shortly after with the charity’s Unity Award by Forest Whitaker.

In her official bio on the Bunny Ranch website, 5’5″ Barbie Girl boasts of an “all-naturale” bod and offers the ultimate Barbie style experience.

Ava Adora, 23 year-old half-Scottish, half-Portuguese with two BAs in Sociology and Anthropology, says in her bio that she can be a “lady in the street, but a freak in the sheets”.

Hof said that ex-president Clinton didn’t have any idea that the two were prostitutes and that he may not even be paying full attention while posing for the picture.

It wasn’t the first time Bill Clinton was caught in a photo with two beautiful women. Just in 2012, Bill was seen in Monaco taking a pic with another pair of pretty girls – this time porn stars Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee.

Bill also has a lesser-known moment with yet another pair of beautiful girls during the same Unite4Charity event although it was less R-18 and more Disney than his photo-op with the Bunny Ranch girls. The former US president was seen hanging out with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato during the gala, with Demi even taking and tweeting a photo with Bill Clinton.

[Image from Bunny Ranch Facebook Account]