Carly Scott: Missing Pregnant Woman Now Murder Victim, Maui Police Say

Carly Scott, the missing pregnant woman who disappeared on the Hawaiian island of Maui on February 9, was murdered. That grim news was delivered Friday by police on the island, who recently discovered grisly new evidence in the case of the 27-year-old who was five months pregnant with a baby boy, to be named Joshua.

Why, exactly, the case of Carly Scott, known as “Charli” to her friends and family, was reclassified as a homicide is not yet known. On February 18, Maui Police Captain John Jakubczak said the the case would remain a missing persons case until police had hard evidence to convince them that the missing pregnant woman was dead.

On Tuesday, police sources told the local news outlet Hawaii News Now that they were waiting for forensic lab reports on some new evidence, that included a human tooth, blood and pieces of bone found near where they had earlier discovered articles of clothing belonging to Carly Scott, as well as gloves and duct tape.

They also found the missing pregnant woman’s bra, which apparently had been slashed.

While all of that evidence looks ominous, police did not say whether any of it was the deciding factor is reclassifying the missing pregnant woman as a murder victim. The announcement, understandably, led to speculation that the body of Carly Scott had been found, but Scott’s family strongly denied that to be the case.

“We want to dispel rumors that Charli’s body has been recovered,” the family said in a statement posted online. “Sadly, this is untrue. That said, we feel strongly that evidence of this crime should be presented in court and not via rumors and shoddy news reporting.”

Earlier, the SUV that Carly Scott was driving the night she disappeared was found burned and flipped on its side at a popular surfing spot known locally as “Jaws.” But the SUV was missing its grill — and that part of the vehicle was also discovered recently. The SUV grill bore a distinctive skull ornament, allowing police to identify it as belonging on the missing — now murdered — pregnant woman’s SUV.

The last person to see Carly Scott alive was her ex-boyfriend, Steven Capobianco, who is also the father of Scott’s unborn child. He has said that she was trailing him in her SUV along a darkened highway on the night of February 9 when her headlights disappeared from his rear view mirror.

Capobianco said that he thought nothing of it at the time, an did not know anything was wrong until the following morning when he learned that Carly Scott never came home.