Christina Fallin: Native American Headdress Photo Criticized As ‘Insensitive’

Christina Fallin’s Native American headdress photo is being criticized by some who she was being insensitive in her usage of the sacred item.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the name of the football team the Washington Redskins is considered offensive to some Native Americans, but some claim that less than 10 percent believe the Redskins team name should be changed.

The reason that Christina Fallin’s photo made such waves is that she happens to be the daughter of Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin. Christina created the photo for her band called Pink Pony and she said she did it because she feels a “connection to the Native American culture” in her home state:

“[W]e feel that it would not be honest if we did not admit publicly that a woman in a headdress can be a very beautiful thing. You can keep your distance from something your whole life out of fear that you might taint it, or that it might taint you. Or you can embrace it and let it affect you. We chose to live our lives in the latter category.”

But some Native American groups feel the headdress should not be taken lightly or used as a fashion statement. In the past, Victoria’s secret, No Doubt, and Outkast have used Native American symbols for entertainment and advertising and were roundly criticized, as well.

The usage of the Native American headdress varies between tribes, but in general it has some sort of significant meaning. In some tribes only men wear the feather headdress. In others it’s considered a war bonnet, and according to Kiowa Tribe member Summer Morgan women are allowed to wear the headdress in order to honor the men of the family:

“A way for those deeds to be acknowledged is a woman—be it their mother, their daughter, their sister, a niece—they’re given the right to wear war bonnets so that these men can be honored. By being given the right, there’s prayers that are said. It’s explained to each of these girls who are given this right what’s expected of them when they wear it, how to treat these war bonnets. What not to do and what they are allowed to do when they are wearing it. You can’t just pick it up and wear it. You can’t go and pick up anybody’s war bonnet. It has to be somebody from your family. There are dances, there’s songs and there’s times of the year where it is acceptable for women to wear war bonnets.”

Morgan doesn’t believe Christina Fallin meant any disrespect by the photos, but she also says “there are other ways to show and acknowledge that you have good thoughts or feelings toward Native American culture.” But this isn’t the first time Christina has made headlines for her fashion statements. Back in 2011, she made a photo shoot at the governor’s mansion and was criticized for being “distasteful.” Just like the last time, the offending images and posts were taken down in response to critics.

Do you think Christina Fallin was wrong to make her Native American headdress photo?