Charlize Theron: Adoption Leaked By Judge Mike Maggio, Who ‘Offered To Be The Baby Daddy’

An Arkansas judge named Mike Maggio caused quite some controversy when he was caught making anonymous online comments about the cases he was overseeing. He even leaked details about the celebrity Charlize Theron adopting a black son months before she went public with the information, only to make crass comments about the situation.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one girl who posted a Facebook comment about a case cost her family over $80,000. Although it’s obviously smart to be careful what you say, a while ago New York was trying to outright ban anonymous online comments.

Charlize Theron apparently went to the court where Maggio was working. But the judge apparently enjoyed posting anonymous online comments on a Louisiana State University fan message board using the screen name “geauxjudge.” In two of these posts he revealed Theron’s plans to be an adopted mother:

“I offered to be the baby daddy…. Did she get herself a black baby? Yep.”

Whether or not Maggio heard the news from another judge or employee is unclear, but either his posts were an ethical violation since it revealed personal details about a private matter before the court. Maggio also handled divorce cases alongside criminal and civil cases, so he had access to many a person’s dirty laundry.

But that ethical lapse was just the tip of the iceberg. He also made many comments that some claim were “racist, sexist, and homophobic.” For example, he once wrote about women whose husbands had cheated on them:

“Men have two needs. Feed me and f**k me. Take care of both and we will be good. Whichever one you don’t then the men will find…. I see it everyday. A woman makes (an) emotional decision to divorce because the husband stepped out. When otherwise he was a good provider, father, and husband. Then a year or two later realizes uh oh I am worse off financially, emotionally and relationship wise but hey they showed that SOB. Too many times the women get their advice from other divorced women.”

The comments said to be racists suggest black people should use “white ink” for tattoos and he also claimed that people with notably African American names tended to not be successful. When it came to homosexuality, he claimed the sexual preferences of the LGBT community were a “small step” away from having sex with dogs.