Lionel Messi Follows Manchester City On Instagram, Fuels Transfer Rumors

The rumors that Lionel Messi could be moving the Premier League’s Manchester City are growing with each passing day and a simple follow on Instagram is all it takes to add fuel to the fire.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr via Bleacher Report Manchester City surfaced as a team that is interested in the Argentinian phenom and is willing and able to make an offer reported to be £165 million (approximately $276 million) to bring Leo to their ranks.

Messi, is also rumored to be unhappy in many fronts, including the manner in which La Liga handled accusations of tax fraud leveled against him and the media firestorm that ensued in their aftermath.

Other reports indicate that in the locker room, Lionel Messi’s teammates are not so impressed by their fellow player’s performance and allegedly said that the superstar could “put more effort into matches and training.”

Lionel Messi Instagram follows Manchester City

In recent comments, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini shrugged at the reports that his team was considering making an offer for the four-time Ballon d’Or winner saying, “It’s just rumors.”

The Spanish publication El Confidencial claims that Manchester owner wants to bring Lionel Messi to the Premier League and is prepared to pay the €200 million (approximately $277 million) buy-out clause.

Barca’s President Jose Maria Bartomeu also brushed off the rumors saying his club plans to make the striker the best paid player in the world this summer and ensure he stays in La Liga:

“We want him to be the world’s best-paid player and during summer everything will be sorted. We won’t sell him. He’s with us and hopefully he will retire at the Camp Nou.”

The French club Paris Saint-Germain is also interested, according to the Spanish publication and can afford to pay off the clause, however, a great deterrent stands in the way in the form of the 75 percent tax that the country imposes on earnings.

Messi is almost universally considered the best player in the world — many say he is the best ever — and as such enjoys multi-million dollar endorsements by some of the best known companies in the world and makes $21 million per year.

The 26-year-old suffered a hamstring injury earlier in the season, which sidelined him for several weeks, however, this has not prevented him from continuing his stellar campaign at Barca.

If Lionel Messi makes a move to Manchester City or any other team, it is almost certain they would not be paying what the player is reportedly worth, £331 million (more than $553 million).

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