Want To Quit Smoking? E-Cigarettes Are NOT The Answer

Asher Bayot

Quit-smoking tip number one: Do not use e-cigarettes. At least that's what researchers from the University of California, San Fransisco are implying. According to their study, middle to high school students who smoke e-cigarettes are more likely to smoke real cigarettes.

They are also less expected to quit smoking than students who don't smoke e-cigarettes.

The study, published Thursday in the JAMA Pediatrics journal, concluded that e-cigarettes may not be helpful if you want to quit smoking. It may even be a contributing factor to the occurrence of real cigarette smoking.

The research involved 17,000 students in 2011 and 22,000 students in 2012, making it one of the largest studies on e-cigarettes to be ever conducted.

Dr. Stanton Glantz, lead researcher of the study, says that e-cigarettes may possibly predict those who will take up real smoking in the future. He adds that even those who just took a single puff of real cigarette and supplemented it later on with e-cigarettes were more likely to become smokers in the future.

A related survey by the Center for Disease Control also concludes that many middle and high school students who smoke real cigarettes also smoke e-cigarettes on the side.

Many are skeptical of the UCSF research. According to the New York Times, other scientists like Thomas J. Glynn of the American Cancer Society thinks it may not necessarily mean that e-cigarettes directly cause the increased smoking instances and the decreased likelihood to quit smoking among young students.

The seemingly convincing relationship between e-cigarettes and smoking may come from the possibility that the respondents were already heavy smokers prior the research.

Nevertheless, Glantz is stil convinced that e-cigarettes aren't a good way to quit smoking.

There are a good number of ways to quit smoking aside from using e-cigarettes. According to UK's National Health Services, there are some safe and reliable ways a smoker can quit smoking today.

One way to start is to write a list of reasons to quit smoking. Why do you exactly want to quit? The ability to climb three flights of stairs without stopping can be an appealing reason for some. Wanting to see your children grow up can be a deeper reason to quit smoking for others.

Another way to quit smoking is to change your diet. Coffee, soda, and alcohol can tempt you into lighting up another stick. Drinking water or juice, even in a party, can be very helpful in your journey to quit smoking.

Lastly, associating yourself with non-smoking crowds can help you drastically change your mentality when you're trying to quit smoking.

[Image from Let Ideas Complete via Flickr]