Smoking Alcohol: Dr. Oz Reveals Dangerous New Weight Loss Trend

With the Jessica Simpson’s of the world having achieved dramatic weight loss through healthy dieting programs such as Weight Watchers, Dr. Oz took to his show on Thursday March 6th to warn viewers of a dangerous new weight loss trend that could lead to serious consequences.

Dubbed “Smoking Alcohol,” this new weight loss trend is a way for women to get drunk without consuming the same amount of calories one would by imbibing alcohol the old fashion way. The dangerous trend also claims zero nasty hangover the next day, another enticing feature.

“You don’t drink the booze — you inhale it, and the vapors give you an instant high,” Dr. Oz said as he introduced the topic on his show. “‘Smoking Alcohol’ promises that you can drink and still lose weight. But experts warn the results could prove deadly.”

Dr. Oz then described how the dangerous trend has gone viral and is even being sold legally in bars across the country, targeted specifically to women as a means for weight loss while still consuming alcohol. “Smoking Alcohol” has lead to several cases of alcohol poisoning as a result and Dr. Oz warns his viewers not use this method to help lose weight.

Dangerous and dramatic weight loss that has been in the news a lot as of late, both for positive and negative reasons. On the one hand you have pop super star Jessica Simpson who achieved her weight loss goal of 70lbs following the birth of her second son Ace last year. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Simpson, now a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, turned to the dieting program to help shed the unwanted pounds packed on after pregnancy:

“I’m taking it week by week so I don’t get frustrated with myself,” she told ABC News while on the diet program. “If I had a long-term goal, and that’s all I thought about it, I think it would set me back more. So I really, every week, try to make sure I stick with my points and get four workouts in. That’s my goal this week, and I hope that I can lose from that. If not, I’m going to keep on going and try it the next week. So far, so good.”

And from the looks of her latest selfies posted recently online, it appears she has succeeded. But while Jessica took the long, safe road to weight loss, there are many women go the other route as was the case with Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson whose dramatic weight loss caused a shock amongst viewers and on the internet. She too has now regained some of the weight that she lost, but the initial shock of seeing the dramatic difference raised concerns that she took weight loss to a dangerous level, much the way Dr. Oz feels that “Smoking Alcohol” may also cause.