Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Shut Down Texas La Plaza Mall Without Being There

Just the idea of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together was enough to shut down the La Plaza Mall in McAllen, Texas, on Friday.

Despite La Plaza Mall officials sending out a clear tweet stating a rumor was false, hundreds of teens, tweens, and adults surrounded a Foot Locker store in the belief Bieber was inside.

Mall manager Irma Castor told Action 4 News fans didn’t believe the tweet and continued to pour into the complex. Eventually, so many people showed up the store was damaged and had to shut its security gates over public safety concern.

McAllen police officers were called to the mall to control the frenzy.

Local reporters said officers worked to disperse the crowd while also attempting to reunite young children separated from parents.

Police removed fans camped outside the local Casa De Palmas Renaissance Hotel before finally shutting the mall down around 6 pm.


Hours earlier, the real Bieber and Gomez enjoyed breakfast and a stroll around local spots in downtown McAllen,Texas.

According to TMZ, the pair kicked off their day at Starbucks, where Gomez Instagrammed a picture sporting a distinctly rock-chick look.

“Hidalgo, I’ve missed this ) ill see you soooon,” she tweeted. Bieber was reportedly spotted inside.

Selena Gomez In Starbucks In Texas, March 6

(Photo: Gomez in Starbucks, Texas, March 6.)

The twosome were also spotted eating hearty at Don Pepe’s Mexican restaurant. Local news outlet The Monitor noted the bill came to $153.04 for the group — which included Bieber’s four bodyguards — and a tip of $64.

On something of a retail roll, Jelena were also snapped leaving a perfume store and seen in a flower outlet.

In an intriguing tangent, Bieber and Gomez swung by McAllen’s Action Dance Studio where they both autographed a mirror in the room they booked out for two hours.

Whether this means the Canadian will be a surprise cameo at the Latina’s BorderFest State Farm Arena concert tonight remains to be seen.

If so, standby for major Twitter server issues later.

(Photo: Jelena leaving McAllen’s “Action Dance Studio,” March 7.)

Bieber’s Texas dash comes one day after his reportedly tense Miami deposition. The “Baby” singer is being sued in a civil assault suit filed by photographer Jeffery Binion, who alleges he ordered his bodyguards to attack him after he was spotted taking snaps of the pop star outside a recording studio last June.

During a six hour Thursday deposition, Bieber allegedly stormed out of the videotaped court hearing when a Gomez line of questioning began. TMZ claim the recently-turned 20-year-old screamed,

“Don’t ask me about her, do not ask me about her!” to the lawyer grilling him before walking out.

However, a slightly less Sunset Beach version of the same moment is reported by E! News and People magazine.

“This was a hot button topic and he flipped out. He didn’t answer and left the room,” a source told People.”His [Bieber’s] lawyers said this was harassment and advised him not to answer.”

Meanwhile Miami Herald, citing a mole, wrote,

“When Bieber was asked a question about Selena Gomez, he threw a tantrum, ripping the microphone off, jumping up from his seat and running out of the room. A recess was called and, 15 minutes later, Biebs came back refusing to answer any questions about his ex.”

To be fair to the singer, on the day of deposition Miami-Dade prosecutors also released the last two jail videos showing his urine drugs test at Miami Beach police station shortly after his January 23 arrest on suspicion of DUI and related charges.

Justin’s flight to Selena’s side follows his Twitter declaration four days ago when he posted Gomez’s Oscar Vanity Fair after party snaps to his Instagram account, captioning it, “Most elegant princess in the world.”

Apparently, Gomez liked it.