Nicki Minaj Responds To Meeting Request By Five Year Old Cancer Patient Miyah

Nicki Minaj, thanks to her flamboyant personality, colored wigs, sheer talent and awesome songs has earned her a huge fan following. Almost all of her millions of fans are looking for a chance to meet the singer who is always in the news, in person. However, one particular young fan of hers might as well be the one who deserves to meet her the most.

Meet five-year-old Miyah, a cancer patient diagnosed with Stage 3B Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a rare type of B-cell lymphoma which affects both children and young adults. Miyah is a huge fan of Nicki and wishes to meet the singer in person and also wants to wear one of those signature pink wigs that Nicki is so famous for. Easier said than done – thanks to Miyah’s gruelling treatment schedule which has so far involved seven chemotherapy sessions and resulted in many complications.

While normally, Miyah’s wish might have remained restricted to just her and her immediate family and friends, some unexpected help came forward from Washington Wizards’ Slam Dunk champion John Wall who happened to meet Miyah and promised her to help her meet Nicki. According to MTV, after getting to know of Miyah’s wish, Wall went ahead with a full-fledged campaign on social media with the hashtags #HelpMiyahMeetNicki and #PinkWigForMiyah in order to grab the attention of Nicki Minaj herself. He also went ahead and posted an adorable little clip on Instagram featuring Miyah and himself.

Here is the video on Instagram.

Thanks to the thousands of tweets and retweets that happened once Wall went public with this, it would have been too insensitive of Nicki to have not responded to it – and respond she did with the following Tweet! In the tweet, she posted a screenshot of the Instagram video posted by John using her own Instagram account.

While Minaj did not announce anything concrete as to when the meeting would happen, her fans were glad to see her respond and set the ball rolling for a probable meetup in the near future. In one of his subsequent tweets, John Wall also thanked Nicki and the thousands of people who retweeted and shared his video with Miyah. At the time of writing this, Nicki’s Instagram screenshot has been shared by over 143,000 people and continues to get thousands of new comments praising her, each second.

By the looks if it, we would not have to wait much longer for yet another short Instagram clip featuring Miyah, Nicki Minaj and John Wall himself. Of course, we would be on our toes bringing you up an up to date report on how that meeting went!

In the meantime,three cheers to both John Wall and Nicki Minaj for taking the time out and care for the wishes of a little 5 -year-old!