Pharrell Williams’ Giant Grammys Hat Has A New Home At Arby’s

Pharrell Williams no longer has his enormous brown Grammys hat. However, it did find a very appropriate new home.

Since everyone made such a big deal about his Vivienne Westwood hat, the “Happy” singer decided to put the item up for auction. Proceeds were going to a charity, which is always a good cause. However, the folks who ponied up the cash to acquire the chapeau might surprise you.

According to the New York Daily News, Arby’s decided to cough up a significant slice of American currency for Pharrell Williams’ giant hat. Reports indicate that the fast food chain paid approximately $44,000 for the accessory. Since the hat strongly resembles the one in their logo, the restaurant’s acquisition is entirely fitting.

Pharrell recently announced the winner on Twitter.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Arby’s soon responded to Williams’ tweet with a quick 140-character message of their own. In addition wishing Pharrell the best of luck at the Oscars, they also decided to poke fun at the topper once again.

“You’re welcome. We’re HAPPY to support a great cause and get our hat back,” the restaurant replied. Whoever runs the company’s Twitter account should definitely get a solid pat on the back for their efforts.

After Pharrell Williams rocked the giant hat at the Grammys in January, people couldn’t stop talking about it. Things really started rolling once Arby’s decided to tweet a simple message to the producer on January 26.


Williams later responded with this post.

If you’re feeling sad and depressed about Pharrell parting ways with his hat, then you shouldn’t shed any real tears over the situation. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer appeared in a different Vivienne Westwood creation while hanging out in London not too long ago. This suggests Williams has a small collection of such hats somewhere in his closet. Cross your fingers that one will make an appearance sometime soon.

Are you a fan of Pharrell Williams and his enormous hats? What do you think about Arby’s buying the Grammys topper at a recent charity auction?

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