‘Piers Morgan Live’: Final Show Will Air On CNN Later This Month

Piers Morgan Live will say goodbye to CNN by the end of March.

After the network announced that it would kick Morgan’s chat show to the curb due to poor ratings, many wondered when the program would officially bid farewell to his viewers. According to the folks at Politico, the final installment will hit the airwaves in about three weeks.

Until Piers Morgan Live officially disappears from CNN, the network will fill the chair with a few alternating anchors. Bill Weir will handle hosting duties on the show for the week of March 17, while Piers will return after that. Jake Tapper is presently scheduled to fill in during the program’s final week on the air.

Mediaite reports that Weir’s name was previously kicked around as a possible replacement for Piers Morgan, though it’s unclear if he will permanently move into the 9 pm time slot. The website explains that network executives weren’t exactly thrilled with the two pilots Weir recently shot.

So what will Piers Morgan do with his free time now that his talk show on CNN is on its way out the door? Rumors suggest that he’s presently in talks with network president Jeff Zucker about possibly headlining a weekly interview program. However, Morgan is reportedly keeping his options open for the moment.

Of course, Piers Morgan previously told TMZ during an impromptu chat that he definitely wants to do bigger interviews going forward. However, he also stated that doing fewer shows was also very important.

“I come from a country where we don’t have guns. I feel strongly about it, but I understand that not every American shares my view, so I’m ready to move on,” he told the website late last month.

Piers Morgan continued, “I came to do the show to do big interviews. I wasn’t doing enough. I want to do less shows, more big interviews.”

He recently told the New York Times that he knew his time at the network was coming to an end. Since most Americans didn’t agree with his political views, they decided to spend their free time elsewhere.

“I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it. That’s run its course and Jeff [Zucker] and I have been talking for some time about different ways of using me,” Piers explained.

CNN reportedly wants to keep Morgan around in one capacity or another, though it’s unclear if the network has enough confidence in the host to give him another full-blown program. The Inquisitr previously reported that a recent installment only drew in 345,000 viewers, which pales in comparison two million and change who tuned into The Kelly File.

Are you planning to catch the remaining episodes of Piers Morgan Live? Do you think the host will get another show on CNN?

[Image via The Independent]