Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Reunite In Texas, Is ‘Jelena’ Back On?

Justin Bieber reunited with Selena Gomez in the city of McAllen, Hidalgo county in Texas on Friday, visiting various spots including a Mexican diner and a fragrance store.

Before we give you their play by play, a later drama set of by false “Jelena” sighting rumors also unfolded Friday.

Rumors that the famous ex-couple were at a Foot Locker at the local La Plaza Mall sparked a major security alert as hundreds of teens and tweens, gawkers, and paparazzi swarmed the area, despite the mall tweeting a message stating Gomez and Bieber were not there.

Local reporters said McAllen police worked to reunite children separated from parents in the frenzy while attempting to control the crowd. Although Foot Locker closed its security gate, in the end police were forced to shut down the mall. Official police scanners even indicated pepper spray was considered at one point.

Additionally, camped out fans were removed from the local Casa De Palmas Renaissance Hotel by police.


Local news outlet The Monitor notes it remains unclear whether Bieber and Gomez actually visited La Plaza, but veers to it being false. Either way, just the idea of a “Jelena” sighting started a near-riot.

Long before mall mayhem erupted, the pair were spotted grabbing breakfast at Don Pepe’s, a Mexican eatery.

Gomez is in town for BorderFest, the annual cultural festival and carnival held in the town of Hidalgo. The “Come & Get It” starlet is due to perform Saturday evening at the State Farm Arena.

A casually dressed Justin and Selena arrived at Don Pepe’s with four companions just after 11 am, the manager told The Monitor. It seems everyone in the party ate, as the bill came to $153.04.

The Canadian had huevos rancheros, Selena went for chilaquiles a la mexicana. They also tipped an extra $50 above a usual gratuity of $14, but reportedly declined to pose for photos.

From there, the superstars swung by Perfumeria de la Versailles store in downtown McAllen. Despite an incognito cap for Bieber and a hoodie for Gomez, the store owner told the outlet a “panicking” perfume clerk recognized them adding that they kept a low profile at the back of the store.

Traveling with the twosome is Bieber’s longtime choreographer Nick DeMoura, who bought a cologne at 12:59 pm, according to a time-stamped receipt.

Bieber, Gomez, DeMoura Meet Up In Texas, March 6

(Photo: Bieber, Gomez and DeMoura leaving Perfumeria de la Versailles on South Main Street, McAllen, March 7).

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Hook Up In Texas

(Photo via Twitter: Jelena coming out of a dance studio in Texas, March 7).

(Video of Bieber and Gomez’s exit from the “Action Dance Studio” in McAllen, March 7).

The pop stars were also seen at L.A. Imports — a flower shop — where E! News reports the pair were seen hugging.

TMZ reported Bieber and Gomez kicked off their day together in Starbucks.

Sporting a leather jacket and shades, the 21-year-old beauty posted an Instagram snap of just herself from the branch, writing, “Hidalgo, I’ve missed this ) ill see you soooon (sic).”

Selena Gomez In Starbucks In Texas, March 6

(Photo: Gomez in Starbucks, Texas, March 6.)

Besides being a de facto flip off to tabloids which have clearly been way off the mark about the state of play between them for months, Bieber’s Texas dash comes just one day after he stormed out of a Miami deposition when his ex-girlfriend was mentioned.

On Thursday, the 20-year-old was grilled by the lawyer of a paparazzo suing Bieber in a civil assault lawsuit when the subject of Selena was raised.

Despite tabloid claims of a screamed response from Bieber, People and E! News reported otherwise.

“This was a hot button topic, and he flipped out. He didn’t answer and left the room. His lawyers said this was harassment and advised him not to answer,” a source told People.

While Miami Herald, citing a mole, wrote,

“When Bieber was asked a question about Selena Gomez, he threw a tantrum, ripping the microphone off, jumping up from his seat and running out of the room. A recess was called and, 15 minutes later, Biebs came back refusing to answer any questions about his ex.”

Leaving Miami early Friday, it looks like the heartthrob jetted straight out to the “Most elegant princess in the world” as he called Selena on Instagram earlier this week. Their Texas tango follows a Segway sighting and a surprisingly cozy Instagram back in January after weeks of “not talking,” according to Bieber in a December radio interview — then Gomez’s follow-on rehab stint.

So, who’s on “Jelena” Instagram watch?

Check out a clip of Friday’s mayhem in McAllen’s La Plaza Mall below.