ScHoolboy Q Tops The Billboard 200 With 'Oxymoron'

ScHoolboy Q currently has the most popular album in America.

The rapper's major label debut Oxymoron managed to knock the soundtrack for Disney's extremely popular animated flick Frozen from the top spot on the Billboard 200. According to Billboard, the batch of tunes also serves as the first number one hit for the folks at Top Dawg Entertainment.

So how many copies of his latest effort did ScHoolboy Q sell during the first week of release? SoundScan reports that the record moved approximately 139,000 units, giving the rapper the strongest release of his career thus far.

Reuters points out that the Frozen soundtrack still managed to sell a several copies last week. The album reportedly sold around 91,000 copies, which isn't bad considering it arrived on retail shelves last year.

Billboard 200

ScHoolboy Q isn't the only rapper to make it into the top ten on the Billboard 200. KiD CuDi's surprise release Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon managed to sell 87,000 copies without the benefit of pre-promotion or internet buzz. This allowed the tracks to easily slip into the number four spot.

The top albums chart isn't the only place Oxymoron showed up this week. ScHoolboy Q also managed to top the Top R&B/Hip-Hop album chart with his recent release. Billboard also points out that the rapper's album has already outsold his other records combined.

If he was worried about what people would think about his major label debut, then ScHoolboy Q can probably rest easy this week. The Inquisitr previously reported that the rapper often wondered if his fans would think the effort was too mainstream.

He told Myspace during a recent interview:

" I'll just be nervous about s***. Not nervous, I just be all, what if? in the back of my mind, of everything I do. I know I made a good album, I know it's crazy. But what if, you know what I'm saying? Timing could be wrong, what if? People think it's too aggressive or what if? People may think it's too industry, too mainstream. What if it sells horribly? 'Oxymoron' is still what if in the back of my head."
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ScHoolboy Q also told Grantland that Interscope insisted on three radio-friendly singles before they decided to greenlight the album. However, the rapper explained that he understood certain compromises were likely to come with signing to a major label.

Are you a fan of ScHoolboy Q? Did you pick up a copy of the rapper's latest album Oxymoron last week?

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