Teacher Denise Ogden Resigns Over Middle School Sex Scandal (VIDEO)

Denise Ogden, a teacher from Augusta, Ga., has resigned from her position following an investigation into a suspected seven-person sex scandal centered at the middle school.

Denise Ogden’s Accusations

Investigators say Denise Ogden, who taught seventh grade classes at Augusta’s Spirit Creek Middle School, had been having sexual relations with other educators during the day on the school grounds. In all, seven faculty members are under investigation.

Two others — principal Sharon McAlevy and public safety officer Ronnie Collins — have resigned from the school as well, according to local media reports. The four remaining educators believed to be involved in some capacity include two other teachers, a PE coach, and a graduation coach. They are all still employed by the district and the extent of their alleged involvement is not clear.

Teacher Sex Scandal Story

Officials say Denise Ogden actually exposed the whole thing herself by sending an e-mail to the school system, under a false name, revealing the details and also showing a photograph of another faculty member’s underwear — apparently as “proof” of what had happened.

As for what did happen, officials at the school district believe some of the faculty had set up an inflatable mattress inside the school’s Public Safety office. A second room is also believed to have been used.

To further complicate things, school leaders have indicated a love child has also resulted from the various trysts, though it’s not yet clear to which couple it might belong.

The Spirit Creek Middle School Investigation

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been working to sort out the facts and has even conducted some polygraph tests, TV stations in the area say. A full report is expected to be released next week. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission will ultimately decide whether Denise Ogden and the others will be able to keep their teaching licenses.

Video: Denise Ogden, Sharon McAlevy, and the News Conference

Officials spoke about the Spirit Creek Middle School scandal and the involvement of Denise Ogden, Sharon McAlevy, and the other faculty members this week. Below is a news report with highlights from their discussions.