Manchester United Manager David Moyes Pens Letter Of Thanks

Manchester United is having one heck of a season and not in a good way. The dismal performance of manager David Moyes’ men has everyone scratching their heads and trying to explain why the team is not performing up to par.

One of the oldest and most iconic clubs in English soccer, Manchester is the winner of 20 League titles from the time of its inception in 1878, however, this year it is solidly ranked in the seventh place with only 45 points, 18 points behind the Premier League leader, Chelsea.

Fans have every right to be angry, after all the club pays millions of dollars to its top players and they are simply not performing. The latest defeat, a humiliating loss against Olympiakos in their Champions League match last Wednesday.

Moyes — who took over the leadership from the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson last summer — is under fire to improve performance all around, as his players seem lethargic and uninspired when facing even the meekest of opponents.

After weeks of losses and following fans cries to get him canned, Moyes wrote a heartfelt letter asking for support:

‘While I knew that this job would be a challenge when I took it on, the difficult season we have experienced was not something that I envisaged, which I am sure is the case as well for you supporters – and my players, staff and I are desperate to compensate for that.”

The Manchester United boss adds that he and the players appreciate all the support they have received this season, at Old Trafford and on the road. Moyes blames “outsiders” for the firestorm of criticism the team receives on a regular basis:

“Everywhere we turn, people outside the club have a lot to say about Manchester United, but we have all stuck together through some tough times this season and I firmly believe that, in the long run, we will all come out the other end, stronger for the experiences.”

Moyes letter to ticket holders

There is one piece of good news for Moyes in the midst of all the negatives coming out of Manchester United this week, the old boss, Sir Alex himself, recently said that he needs more time to get the job done, as reported by the Telegraph:

“Give him time,” Ferguson told a British reporter outside the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, where he was attending the Oscars festivities. “That’s what I was given.”

And he should know. After all, even the legendary Manchester United boss went trough his own dark days during the 1989 season and the fans and owners stuck with him.

[Image via Michael Regan/Getty Images Sport]