Universal Orlando Raises One-Day Ticket Prices To Disney World Levels

Universal Orlando has received a lot of press and even more visitors since their Wizarding World of Harry Potter resort opened and in response to increased demand the company this week announced steep price increases to both of their resorts.

Last week Walt Disney raised their one week park prices and this week Orland followed suit, taking the cost of tickets to $85, a 3.7 increase over the former $82 offering.

Visitors looking to take advantage of two, three and four day ticket packages are also in for a surprise with gate prices increased by as much as 11.4 percent..

The highest price increase comes from the three-day basic ticket package which provides access to one of the parks two resorts each day at a cost of $155.99, up from $139.99 before the increase.

On the flip side the company has doubled their online ticket purchasing discount from $10 to $20 in an effort to increase online sales and decrease ticket buys at the gate.

Florida locals will also find that their ticket options have remained in place with an online one-day pass coming in at $73.99.

The company has also eliminated their seven-day pass and will begin offering a 14-day pass with unlimited admission to both resorts for $194.99 at the game.


Here’s the full price increase chart provided by the Baltimore Sun:

  • Basic tickets (admission to one theme park per day):
  • •One-day: $82 to $85 (3.7 percent)
  • •Two-day: $124.99 to $135.99 (+8.8 percent)
  • •Three-day: $139.99 to $155.99 (+11.4 percent)
  • •Four-day: $149.99 to $165.99 (+10.7 percent)
  • Two-park tickets:
  • •One-day: $112 to $120 (+7.1 percent)
  • •Two-day: $144.99 to $155.99 (+7.6 percent)
  • •Three-day: $154.99 to $170.99 (+10.3 percent)
  • •Four-day: $159.99 to $175.99 (+10 percent)
  • •Fourteen-day*: $194.99 (New ticket)
  • Annual passes (all prices unchanged):
  • Power Pass: $159.99
  • Preferred Pass: $219.99
  • Premier Pass: $349.99
  • NOTE: All prices are for adults. Visitors can get $20 discounts on multiday tickets by purchasing online.

What do you think about the parks ticket price increases? I personally don’t think two resorts warrant the type of pricing Disney’s massive parks demand from visitors.