Southwest Airlines Launches Brief Summer/Fall Sale

One massive downside to high gas prices and the general depressed economy is the stratospheric cost of airfares now.

Flight prices are insane this year-and not in the inexpensive Crazy Eddie way- but Southwest Airlines just launched a sweet birthday promotion (their birthday) shilling flights for the bargain basement prices of $40 for short-haul, $80 for mid-range trips and $120 for long-haul flights, one-way. In order to take advantage of the deal, however, you’ve got to be quick- it times out at 11:59 PM Thursday.

Predictably, the site is a bit slow to load. (In fact, it’s pretty much boned right now.) You can follow updates from Southwest Airlines about their summer sale on their Twitter page if the site is unaccessible- but as of now, it’s mostly apologies because the site is inaccessible. Potential flyers can access the sale page for the Celebrating 40 Years With $40 Fares One-Way Sale by clicking the link. Similar offers are available for Southwest Airlines subsidiary AirTran.

Are you looking into a late summer or early fall getaway? Does Southwest Airlines’ summer sale make travel more affordable for your family, or will you still be doing the staycation thing this summer?