Ibeatyou.com: Jessica Alba’s husband launches website

The team that bought you the Jessica Alba staring competition including Cash Warren, Jessica Alba’s other half have launched a new venture, Ibeatyou.com a website with some interesting competitions. The gist is you can challenge anyone to a competition, including celebrities.

Today’s competition is your best Tom Cruise impersonation which Cash Warren says Tom will judge the winner of. Check out th video, they are pretty funny.

Kim Kardashian was challenged to a cinnamon eating competition which she blogged about on her site:

My favorite contest on the site is Jessica Alba’s starring contest! It’s really simple and everyone can do it. Jessica’s husband Cash I have been good friends since elementary school.

Kind of like the old days, he challenged me to eat an entire tablespoon of pure cinnamon… It’s not easy! LOL!

Kim Kardashian you name dropper you.

Check out the video, it kinda looks fun. Apparently it will be in an episode of NCIS.