Victoria's Secret To Throw Non-Alcoholic Pink Beach Bash

Victoria's Secret is known for sexy models, runway shows, and wonder bras, but now wants to segue into another avenue that features scantily clad men and women.... beach parties. The intent of the party is to promote the company's Pink line, which is aimed at college aged women. Where and when would the most opportune time be for Victoria's Secret to throw a beach party aimed at attracting college girls? Yes, you guessed it- Spring Break in Florida. Destin, Florida to be exact.

The party will be hosted by Relevant Marketing, a New York marketing firm, on March 13, at James Lee Park. It's expected to bring around 1,000 college students to the park, and many business say there is no better way to kick off the season. Clint Rogers, the general manager of the Crab Trap, couldn't be happier that Victoria's Secret is throwing this party:

"It's been slow the weather hasn't been in our favor."
One of the interesting things about the Victoria's Secret party is that it will not be the typical Spring Break boozefest. The party would have a DJ, a juice station, cooling lounge, slip-n-slide, volleyball, and cornhole—but no alcohol. Rogers goes on,... "It's giving a lot of the spring breakers a better option. A clean, healthy atmosphere that they can come and not just enjoy the beach, but the slip and slide and hang out in an area that's not your typical college spring break where it's an out of control scene."

It's likely that not all Spring Breakers will be supportive of Victoria's Secret's decision to ban the booze, but there is a vocal segment that is appreciative, even though they were initially a little surprised by the decision. Rodi Sutton told reporters:

"It is a little bit shocking, but it's awesome points for them in my book. I'm all for living healthy, active good choices, and I'm just really pumped they are going to have that out here for different people and different ages to get into."
Also weighing in on Victoria's Secret's decision to be alcohol free, is Derek Barnhart, a visiting student from a Christian College in Ohio. He says having alcohol free choices is important to his group of friends:
"I think it's great that they're trying to provide opportunities for kids to not have alcohol. I think its a poor choice to try to drink and have fun."
While many of American college students will be out of control during Spring Break this year, those that want a safer, healthier environment can head out to the Victoria's Secret Beach Bash in Destin, Florida. Wonder Bras are optional.

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