Transgender Student Claims Sexual Assault, But LGBT Hate Crime Was A Hoax

A transgender student who claimed sexual assault in the bathroom turned out to be lying about the whole incident even as some were already labeling it a hate crime.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a note on a returned birthday invitation supposedly insulted a gay couple and created hordes of angry Facebook and Twitter users. But the birthday invite turned out to be a hoax created by radio DJs in order to raise "awareness" of hate crimes against people in the LGBT community.

An unnamed 15 year old, who is a self-identified as transgender student at Hercules High School, attempted to use the boys restroom. Because she is biologically female, she claimed three male students sexually assaulted her and the story was immediately investigated as a hate crime because of the "disparaging remarks" the boys allegedly said.

The story was also taken up by politicians because of a controversial law called Assembly Bill 1266, which required public schools to allow transgender students access to any bathroom or locker room they desired based upon how the person self-identifies their sex. For example, Carlos Alcala, a spokesman for state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-CA), said:

"It's terrible anytime an assault happens to any student. Our hope is that the education that goes along with this bill reduces that likelihood. We know that these things have always happened; we just want to eliminate them to the extent that it's possible. If those students feel like they have impunity in attacking a transgender kid... then these types of attacks will continue and only get worse. The school, the district, the police and the district attorney need to make clear that this will not be tolerated."
But the story told by the transgender student began to unravel as detectives attempted to verify aspects of the report. The transgender student claimed violence, but there were not any injuries on her body. Eventually, after an interview on Tuesday, it was admitted the entire story was a fabrication.

Police are already talking about filing charges against the transgender student for filing a false report, but Charles Ramsey, president of the West Contra Costa Unified school board, seems to be saying there should be more leniency because it involved a LGBT student:

"I'm just relieved that nothing of this nature did happen. It would have been a tragedy. Sometimes a young person uses poor judgment, but we have to be compassionate and understand what motivated the student to want to do this. Everybody is human and we all make mistakes. It doesn't take away from the fact that we need more support for transgender students."
Tiffany Woods, transgender program manager at Tri-City Health Center in Fremont, also claims "transgender students don't tend to fabricate stories like this" and she's worried politicians will try and "spin this for their own agenda."

Do you believe the transgender student should be given special rights considering the circumstances of the crime? What do you think about Assembly Bill 1266?