Stephen Colbert Wants Homosexual Viewers To Send Steve King Pictures Of Gay Love

Stephen Colbert wants homosexual viewers of his show to send Steve King, the Republican congressman for Iowa, pictures of themselves that prove they're gay.

On Tuesday, Colbert confronted the furore that has risen after King criticised Arizona governor, Jan Brewer's, decision to veto a bill that would have allowed the state's businesses to "practice their deeply held religious belief of not selling pastries to gay people."

King stated that the current attempts to bring equality to the LGBT community shouldn't be compared to the pursuit of cancelling Jim Crow laws in the 1960s. On Monday, King argued against gay rights by insisting, "You can't discriminate against people based upon race, creed, those kind of things. There's nothing mentioned in there for self-professed behavior." He then argued that because, unlike race or gender, you can't tell who is gay just on outward appearances, "how do you know who to discriminate against?"

Colbert picked apart these remarks on The Colbert Report, where he stated that what King really wants to do is to create some sort of way to verify which individuals are in fact homosexuals.

Colbert has the perfect plan too. He unveiled that the best way to independently verify someone's "gayness" would be for them to "send photos or videos proving that [they] are gay" to Steve King directly. He then even flashed up King's address to help with the effort, which you can read below:

Representative Steve King2210 Rayburn Office BuildingWashington, D.C. 20515
Faux-republican Colbert then also hilariously explained that King's assertion that gay people are only interested in filing grievances against discrimination is true, by stating; "We've seen it a million times: a guy pretends to be gay, pretends to hide it till he's 18, then he pretends to come out to his family who pretends not to understand and pretends to shun him. He moves to the city, a few years later, he meets another guy pretending to be gay, they pretend to fall in love, and he pretends to propose, and they get fake engaged."

Colbert continued, "The pretend couple enters a flower shop, one pretends to want orchids, the other pretends to want hydrangea, but once they're in the store, they both pretend to want the vibrance of Peruvian lilies. They approach the owner who says, 'I can't sell to you, I'm a Christian,' then BOOM, they hit him with a lawsuit, collect millions, and run off to Vegas to have hetero sex with lady hookers just as God intended. Gotcha!"

[Image via Comedy Central]