New Oral-B Electronic Toothbrush Connects To Smartphone App To Help Clean Your Teeth

Troy Blackburn

A new Oral-B toothbrush may soon tell all your dirty dental secrets. Procter & Gamble Co have announced the world's first smartphone-connected toothbrush which is designed to advise users on their brushing habits and help them improve their oral health.

Accoriding to Reuters the upcoming Oral-B electronic toothbrush will feature a Bluetooth 4.0 link to your smarphone, and that app can be programmed with the help of your dentist to make you more aware of what you're doing right and wrong when brushing. The smatphone app can alert you when areas of your mouth are being neglected, as well as provide feedback on your brushing habits.

"Dentists always tell us: 'People do a great job in the week before they come to visit us and in the week after they visit us. But nothing can hide the fact that when we look inside the mouth we can see all the areas they miss'," Michael Cohen-Dumani, global associate director for Oral-B told Reuters.

Cohen-Dumani claims that in tests, the Oral-B toothbrush app extended brushing times from less than a minute with manual toothbrushes, to an average 2 minutes and 16 seconds with the toothbrush/app combo.

The new 'smart' Oral-B toothbrush is scheduled to be widely available beginning in June of this year, and the accompanying smartphone app is set to be available on both iOS and Android devices.

It appears that P&G's Oral-B toothbrush won't be the only competitor in this market, as Digital Trends reported that a small French startup company named Kolibree unveiled a nearly identical toothbrush at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back in January. Kolibree intends to begin a Kickstarter campaign this month to help get it's product off the ground. As Digital Trends points out, the sheer amount of money Procter & Gamble Co can put behind the launch of a new product would make one assume that we'll be seeing the Oral-B 'smart' toothbrush before Kolibree is able to take their product to mass market. According to the company's website they plan to launch their product in the third-quarter of this fiscal year.

Once this new smartphone app linked Oral-B toothbrush hits market it will definitely be at the top end of of the Oral-B electric toothbrush price range, with retail prices being reported anywhere from $273-$330 in the US. That's a pretty penny for a tooth brush, but could be well worth it if it truly helps to improve your oral health.

Are you interested in this new smartphone linked Oral-B electric toothbrush, and do you think it could truly improve your brushing habits?