Baby on A Budget: But this is sick

So we all undestand the need to tighten belts and save some cash, especially when you are starting a family. There are lots of things you can do: buy second hand baby clothes, hunt round for furniture you can modify, strap your vibrator to a baby bouncer so you don’t have to buy the one that vibrates… Wait A Minute!

Check out this WTF customer review on the Amazon UK site.

The item in question is a baby bouncer chair. Its called O Baby B is For Bear CREAM Vibrating Baby Bouncer. Funny name, but its a vibrating baby chair. I may never be able to look at vibrating baby bouncers in the same way again.

Ann Kells from Boston, Lincs wrote this WTF customer review:

I borrowed this bouncer from a friend as I’d been having a lot of trouble getting my little one to settle. It worked well, but it seems like these are a lot of money for what you actually get so in the end I just bought one of the cheap basic models. Sam did like the vibration effect on this O Baby one, but to save money I just used my own vibrator which I haven’t been using much anyway since my new partner moved in. I put it in a sock and fastened it on to the frame of the bouncer with a ribbon. Works fine.

Screen shots below in case Amazon get wind, and decide that strapping a vibrator to a baby chair is…. well inappropriate.

Ms Kells, I hope you put the money you saved into a fund, because your baby later in life is going to need some therapy.