Anna Kendrick And Others Can’t Escape John Travolta’s Oscars Flub

Anna Kendrick is about to get a new nickname. By now no one can escape John Travolta’s mispronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars. Fortunately now other stars are getting the John Travolta treatment, and one of those stars is none other than Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick.

Even though no one from John Travolta’s camp has officially commented on the actor’s flub, it doesn’t seem like the Internet is really ready to give up on the moment that’s becoming one of the top five highlights of the awards ceremony. With the viral genius of Travolta’s Oscars flub, Slate magazine decided to unleash a pretty amazing generator called “The Adele Dazeem Name Generator.” By simply typing in a name it gives a person the pronunciation that Travolta would have taken at the Oscars.

Of course since this generator was unveiled every star at the awards ceremony has gotten the treatment. Some of the new identities created are Jessica Biel as “Jennifer Borfes”, Jesse Tyler Ferguson as “Joe Tayzlor, and Sarah Michelle Gellar as “Seonaidh Migiller.” The best name to come out of this generator, besides the original Adele Dazeem, is Anna Kendrick’s new name Anya Keezy.

Although Kendrick didn’t get to hear her name mispronounced by John Travolta in person, she still attended the Oscars ceremony as she presented at the awards. While Anna received raves over her choice of attire on the red carpet, she seemed to be more concerned with food.

After the Oscars Kendrick tweeted a photo out to her followers during the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party of an In & Out burger and she looked rather pleased with her choice of grub.

The grub talk didn’t start there. As we previously reported, Kendrick, who was sporting a black J Mendel dress said that in terms of getting ready, it’s all about her pre-event routine. That routine is surprisingly normal and sounds like an easy morning with “mostly Eggos and Law & Order SVU.”

It’s a good outlook to have given that Kendrick has had a busy awards season. Although the actress hasn’t been nominated for anything this year, she’s still showing up and presenting at various awards ceremonies. The last in addition to the Oscars was the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards, which took place a day before the big ceremony.

As far as her work, Kendrick is staying busy in the industry with more musical centered projects. Up next is The Last 4 Years musical film adaptation, Into the Woods, and a sequel to the popular hit film Pitch Perfect 2.