Pickup Trucks: Women Most Turned On By Men Who Drive Them, Poll Says

Pickup trucks are apparently the best for picking up women, according to a recent survey. That’s right, gentlemen. You just put yourself into hock to drive home that cherry-red 2014 Corvette Stingray thinking it would put an end to your mid-life crisis, when what you really should have purchased is a black Ford pickup truck.

Assuming you want the ladies to fall at your feet, that is.

That useful dating information comes from a recent study conducted by the insurance information site insure.com, which polled 2,000 men and women to find out which types of cars are more likely to turn them on when there’s a prospective mate behind the wheel.

Now, men really like seeing women drive sports cars — red BMW sports cars, if such things exist. That is, 39 percent of men selected sports cars as the type that they find most attractive for women to drive, beating out second place “sedans” by 17 points. The preferred make at 16 percent was BMW — Mercedes-Benz a close second at 14 — and the most attractive color to men came out to be red, with an overwhelming 40 percent.

Women, on the other hand, while not averse to men in sports cars, really dig guys in pickup trucks, with 32 percent of female respondents saying that pickup trucks are the vehicles that really hot guys are most likely to drive. For women, the sexiest color in a vehicle was black by an astounding 53 percent, and the most attractive model was — no, not Porsche, or Lamborghini or even Mercedes, but Ford.

So there you go, sex-starved males of America. Your best investment if you want to improve your love lives: black Ford pickup trucks.

Sports cars came in second, with 27 percent of women saying that seeing a guy in a sports car really revs their engine.

“It makes sense,” says Jessica Caldwell, who as senior analyst at the automotive site Edmunds.com is qualified to speak both as an expert on cars and as a women. “It brings forth the image of the rugged tough guy.”

Interestingly, four percent of women chose “UPS Trucks” as the sexiest vehicle for men to drive. But unless men are looking to attract the type of lady likely to invite the UPS in for a brief encounter, pickup trucks are still your best bet.