Club Penguin Site Goes Down After Disney Fails To Renew Domain

James Johnson

Popular children's gaming site Club Penguin went down on Monday after it was revealed that The Walt Disney Company, owners of the site, failed to renew the company's URL.

The sites domain expired one week ago (June 13) and was taken offline for a short period of time on Monday until Disney officials realized what had occurred.

For a short period of time some of the sites 12 million users were not able to log onto Club Penguin although Disney fixed the issue and most users are back online and playing the MMORG once again.

Perhaps it's just my business sense, but if I was a Disney executive and I paid upwards of $700 million ($350 million cash and $350 million in performance incentives) for a website in 2007, I would have more than likely registered the domain for the next 100 years, a simple $1000 investment would have ensured my $700 million investment didn't piss off my customers for such a stupid reason.