U.S. Allergy Study: 1 in 13 Children Have A Food Allergy

American kids are suffering from an increasing amount of food allergies, while the CDC recently estimated that approximately 3 million children suffer from some sort of food allergy, a recent study found that one in thirteen children suffer from food allergies, a number equal to approximately six million children.

According to the study nearly 40% of children who suffer from food allergies suffer from some sort of severe reaction to foods. The study also finds that the most common allergies come from peanuts and milk.

The study included 40,104 children and was conducted through online and parental interviews. The research shows that 8% of U.S. children has allergies, an amount equal to two children per classroom.

The results have been called a “substantial public health problem” and was funded by the parent-founded advocacy group the “Food Allergy Initiative” which is currently working with the Center for Disease Control to create better food handling procedures in schools.