Chloe Sevigny Stars In New Cable Crime Drama ‘Those Who Kill’

Chloe Sevigny is no stranger to dark material, and her lead role in the cable crime drama Those Who Kill will provide ample opportunity for the actress to explore more sinister terrain.

Sevigny will be starring in the new show, scheduled to debut on A&E Monday, March 3rd. Many fans will remember Chloe from a wide assortment of television and film work in supporting roles, but this part provides Sevigny with a chance to helm her own series.

In Those Who Kill, Sevigny will play the role of Catherine Jensen, who has recently been promoted to homicide detective. The character will require some depth from Sevigny, as Catherine is driven to succeed in her new position yet haunted by demons from her past, particularly involving her missing brother and abusive stepfather. Based on her previous work, Chloe certainly has the chops to play the part in convincing fashion.

Sevigny was last seen in a cable drama on the popular HBO series Big Love, in which she played the role of Nicolette Grant, one of Bill Paxton’s three wives. The series explored the drama and dysfunction in a polygamist family and earned Sevigny a Golden Globe award for best supporting actress. Chloe recently discussed the parallels between Catherine and Nicolette:

“Both were abused in different ways as children, physically and mentally, so that really informed who they’d become as adults,” Sevigny explained. “That’s part of what appealed to me” about the new series, “just how crime can affect people in different ways — victims, family members — and how some people just can never move on from it or escape it, and how it can make people mentally paralyzed.”

In addition to the psychological elements of the role, Sevigny is also intrigued at the chance to play a flawed female lead. This device will serve to subvert the recent trend in cable television surrounding popular male anti-heroes who are not exactly model human beings, but are still appealing to the audience. This formula has proven to be quite successful, and Sevigny is looking forward to providing a complex female character:

“I need to have a lot of elements that (interest me) in a character, like nothing I’ve played before,” Sevigny says. “I feel like there’s been all these great men on television, from (Mad Men‘s) Don Draper to (The Sopranos‘) Tony Soprano to (Breaking Bad‘s) Walter White, who everybody cheers for, but who are fundamentally bad people. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of female characters that are like that.”

Sevigny is obviously keeping busy with the new series, but could return to American Horror Story for its fourth season, and Chloe may attempt to juggle both shows depending on the circumstances.