iPad Air 2 Release Rumors: A Waterproof Tablet From Apple?

Apple’s iPad Air 2 is expected to be the big release from the company whose tablet was just named the best. Rumors surrounding what Apple will do to upgrade the top selling iPad Air and when it will release are heating up following the close of the MWC 2014.

One of the things the tech community learned from MWC is that the tablet market is going the way of waterproof devices. While Apple is known to zig when everyone else is zagging, the last few years have shown a willingness for the iPad and iPad Air to compete with the growing market. While most rumors have dealt with the iPad Air 2 featuring a larger screen size, faster processor, and touch ID. In terms of competition, it would make sense to upgrade the processing speed as the Samsung Galaxy family has been outperforming Apple’s tablets lately.

The Android world of tablets, led by Samsung and Sony, have been doing a standard upgrade of speed and screen size. But Sony has begun a new race in the quest for best tablet. With the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet, the Japanese company through down the gauntlet on waterproof technology. Touting itself as the world’s thinnest and lightest tablet (sounds like they are calling out the iPad Air), the Xperia Z2 is able to be immersed into water. Try that with your iPad Air and good luck.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 phone was unveiled at the MWC and it featured the same waterproof features as the Sony Xperia family. The question is, does Apple see waterproof technology important enough to include it on the iPad Air 2? Though Sony has avoided the U.S. market, Samsung is Apple’s toughest competitor and the decision to make their phones waterproof means the tablets aren’t far behind. Apple has yet to release a waterproof iPhone, let alone a waterproof iPad.

If rumors are correct and the iPad Air 2 will release by fall of 2014, then it is not likely that Apple will make any significant overhauls to the next version. It is far more likely that their strategy will be something more like that of Samsung. Not a lot of meat added to the bones, just some flash and show to generate enough new buzz on a simple novelty. Would a waterproof iPad be nice? Sure, especially considering users would be able to access their tablet in more places. Is it necessary? Probably not.

What do you think? Is waterproof technology a useless fad for devices? Or would a waterproof iPad Air 2 tablet from Apple be of any interest to you?