Manchester United Struggles To Control Unrest Among Players

Manchester United boss David Moyes must be breathing a temporary sigh of relief, since his team has a bye this weekend. It will at least stop the bleeding.

The nightmare season seems to get worse and worse and now there are rampant rumors that the club is looking for a replacement for Moyes.

But that is not all the problems the club is facing. Aside from the poor performances all the way around, there has been finger pointing from one of its big stars, Robin Van Persie, who called his team’s play — and by extension his teammates — “lousy” in a post game rant following Manchester United’s shocking 2-0 loss to Olympiakos in the Champions League last Wednesday.

Van Persie also said that some team members were invading “his space” and not allowing him to set up the plays he needed to score for the team. The comments didn’t go overly well and even though there are no details coming from behind closed doors, the tense situation is probably getting more tense in the locker room.

In a cryptic message posted to his Instagram page, one of the best liked players in Manchester United, Mexican star Javier “El Chicarito” Hernandez, appeared to be sending a message to Van Persie: