Justin Bieber’s Dad Jeremy Blasts Tabloid ‘Fiction’ He Left ‘Wife’ And Family To Party

Justin Bieber’s father, Jeremy, has blasted media reports that he has left his former partner “to party” with his son, as “fiction.”

The Daily Mail, a UK tabloid, exclusively reported on February 27 that Jeremy had split from Erin Wagner — the mother of their two young children Jaxon, 5, and Jazmyn, 6 — ending a seven-year relationship to become a full-time wingman to Justin.

The impression given was that the split was recent.

Citing unnamed sources, the paper claimed Erin’s issue with Jeremy was his “constant” trips with Justin to live the “high-life.”

The Mail quoted tweets posted by Erin days before and after Justin’s arrest on suspicion of DUI on January 23 to weight its claims.

One of which was sent January 16. It read:

The Mail’s mention of Erin and Jeremy’s reported move from Winnipeg to Stratford in 2010 and Justin’s buy of an $850,000 farm house just outside Stratford for his dad and siblings, preceded yet more unnamed sources claiming Jeremy “regularly boasts about receiving a massive $50,000 allowance from his son to help him pay for the upkeep of the mansion.”

It was claimed Jeremy has a butler and hosts wild parties at the new house — where Justin reportedly stays when he returns to Canada — and that Erin now has her own place.

Handily unidentified sources purportedly told the Mail, Jeremy wasn’t “mature enough to be a responsible parent and his lifestyle meant he couldn’t be there for him like a father should be.”

“Justin hitting the big time in the way he has is an absolute dream come true for Jeremy and the temptation of being able to travel the globe, living like a superstar was too much to turn down,” the paper added,

“Erin was always going to take second place to that. They are still on good terms for the sake of the children and she still has a great friendship with Justin, but their relationship has broken down.”

Jeremy’s past, which includes time in jail for assault in 1997 was also noted by the paper, as was his presence by his son’s side at two incidents – an alleged drag race in South Florida during which Justin was arrested for suspected DUI, and a private jet flight over Super Bowl weekend into New Jersey’s Teterboro airport – during which it was claimed both Justin and Jeremy were “extremely verbally abusive” to a flight attendant while they and others allegedly smoked pot.

Bieber also attended a Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey game in Toronto on December 29, hours before a limousine driver would later accuse the singer of repeatedly hitting him over the head during a ride.

The singer’s lawyers previously stated he is innocent of the alleged assault.

A day after his son’s arrest amid a wave of negative reports about his alleged participation in closing off the Miami Beach road, Jeremy tweeted,

I can protect my kids, but I can’t protect them from you and your lies. Believe in the truth not in the lies of the enemy. #reallife

— Jeremy Bieber (@JeremyBieber) January 24, 2014

The Mail claims sources said Jeremy is “more of a friend than a father,” to Justin and “is often the one encouraging him” into the kind of behavior that leads to trouble.

Hollywood Life also chimed in, claiming Jeremy split with his partner because he “wants to walk on the wild side” with his son.

But according to Jeremy, both tabloids are spinning false rumors about his split.

Crucially, both reports appear to be four years out of date.

Justin And Erin

(Photo: Instagram, Erin and Justin are said to have a good relationship.).

Taking to Twitter on Sunday to address reports, Jeremy refuted claims that he has recently split with Erin, writing,

“Dear idiots, Erin and I have never been married and have been split for 4 yrs. Way to cover current news.”

Jeremy added, “I’ve learned, if you tell the media nothing they make up whatever they want. Cant even get my age right #fiction.”

IQ has also found this to be the case with tabloids that prioritize traffic over facts.

As ever, we advise readers to consider the source.