Miley Cyrus Kisses Katy Perry During Los Angeles Concert

I think it's obvious by now that Miley Cyrus is quite the news maker. To be honest, it isn't even her fault. She is watched like a hawk by the media so anything she does from controversial to what she ate for lunch is commented on. It's not right, but it still makes news. Other times, the news world is abuzz for the right reasons. Today is one of those times when it comes to Miley.

Cyrus was at the Los Angeles Staples Center for her somewhat controversial 'Bangerz Tour' concert last Saturday. Who happened to be present? None other than "Roar" singer Katy Perry. Perry is no stranger to controversy, as her first big hit was "I Kissed A Girl". It seems that she has no left her roots as she engaged in yet another controversial move with the "Wrecking Ball" singer.

During the concert as she was singing "Adore You", Miley found her way to Perry and proceeded to give her a kiss. Obviously this was not a make-out scene, I mean it's public people. Perry didn't seem to mind, as she kissed girls before and liked it so naturally it would make sense to this time as well.

The two obviously knew cameras were rolling and didn't mind playing things up more for it. Why would they not? This was sort of a recycled take on something we've seen before with Brittney and Madonna honestly, as the two did the kiss thing before it was cool...or accepted anyway.

It seems Miley loves the spotlight as she has been in it literally all the time dating back to early 2013, now going into 2014 she is far from being done with the hot light. Last year was when she brought out the new side of Miley and truly moved away from her Disney Princess role. Things really got big at the MTV VMAs last year when she twerked and got very seductive with Robin Thicke as he sang "Blurred Lines".

It was speculated to be so hot and controversial that is started issues at home with Robin and his now ex-wife Paula Patton. So Miley had a big year. A top record, stealing every show she has been on, and potentially breaking up a Hollywood marriage. Overall it has been a good 2013 and she has had a big start to 2014.

Most have claimed that the kiss with Katy Perry was quite tame from Miley Cyrus' normal antics. Really, can we disagree?