Former Navy SEAL Warns World About How Easy It Is To Take Down Power Grid

Former Navy Seal Christopher Mark Heben, and "unconventional warfare specialist" believes it would be "amazingly easy" to take down the power grid. Heben was a recent guest on the Judge Jeanine Show. The sniper attacks on the California power stations and a similar terrorism attempt at a nuclear facility in Tennessee took place nearly a year ago, but only recently garnered enough news coverage to prompt Americans to push elected officials to take power grid issues far more seriously.

The power grid is extremely vulnerable to sniper attack, a solar flare, EMP attack, and cyber hacking, according to not only former Navy seal Heben but a host of scientists and researchers who have been preaching power grid awareness for a decade or longer. The SHIELD Act, a bill designed to protect the most vital piece of infrastructure in the United States, has been stalled in Congress for several years, despite bi-partisan support.

Christopher Heben had this to say about the vulnerabilities of the power grid during his interview with Judge Jeanine:

"The power grid is amazingly easy to dismantle. As an unconventional warfare specialist, I was trained to dismantle and take down power grids in other countries. Believe me, it doesn't take a doctorate from MIT to figure out how to make an EMP device that will take down not only a substation … but the transmission stations and the distribution stations. If our power grids go down, I suggest everyone, you know, stock up on batteries, baby wipes, and biscuits because it's gonna be a series of very long, very long, nights and months."
If a power grid failure occurs, water will become an immediate issue for anyone who does not live in a rural or suburban area where private wells, streams, ponds, and creeks exist. Knowing how to test and treat water to make sure it is safe to drink is a skill which will come in quite handy. Walking home from the local watering hole could be a dangers trek, the liquid in the containers will instantly become far more valuable than cash or the designer jeans now covered in mud from the creek bank.

Without power tractor-trailers will not be delivering food to the local grocery store and hospital emergency generators will become dysfunctional hunks of useless metal. Although a solar flare itself is not believed to cause harm to humans and animals, the death toll from a downed power grid would ultimately become than all the wars American soldiers have fought in combined.

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a shocked crowd that a cyber attack on the power grid is not a matter of "if" but "when." Should an EMP attack take down the power grid, existing transformers would be fried, along with a host of other electronic devices we have become so dependent upon. Those who assume the federal government has a stockpile of transformers and other power grid related items stockpiled in a warehouse somewhere will be very disappointed, hungry, cold, and thirsty, if the lights ever go out.
[Image Courtesy of: National Geographic/American Blackout]