Claudia Schiffer Disses Kim Kardashian For Being Paid Escort

Michael Dolce

As reported by Inquisitr, Claudia Schiffer once turned down a "million dollar date" offer to be the paid escort for an Arabian Prince. Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, has no such qualms about being a paid escort...and a lousy one at that.

Claudia dished about her craziest experiences on the The Jonathan Ross Show, one that included her own indecent proposal:

"The strangest one was an Arab prince. He asked if he could hire me for a dinner for a million pounds. I declined, and some other supermodel took it. It's not all about money. I just want to be able to walk down the street and be proud of what I do." weighed in on Kim's exploits as a paid escort for Richard Lugner:

"We thought after carefully managing her image over the past few years that Kim Kardashian was above the level of paid escort as a publicity stunt. But that's exactly what she's done by agreeing to appear as 81-year-old Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner's "date" for the Vienna Opera Ball Thursday night."
"[Kim Kardashian] makes plenty of these appearances that Claudia's referring to, and why wouldn't she? Kim has no class and no compunction about making money by going on dates and making public appearances at events. She has no standard that she feels she's living up to, whereas Claudia does."

"Because she's not sticking to the program. She's filming and so she doesn't want to have me around. The guest should be with me and not anywhere else that is not agreed upon."

Where do you stand on the issue of being a paid escort for billionaires? Do you agree with Claudia Schiffer, who turned down a million dollar date with an Arabian Prince? Or would you be more inclined to take the money, as Kim Kardashian did?