'Dead' Man Wakes Up Inside Body Bag At Funeral Home

A "dead" man woke up inside a body bag in a Mississippi funeral home. Walter Williams was declared dead at his Lexington home on Wednesday evening. The coroner was present in the family's home at the time of the man's apparent death. After checking for a pulse, he pronounced Williams dead at 9:00 pm.

The 78-year-old man was placed inside a body bag and transported to Porter and Sons Funeral Home. However, as the staff prepared the embalming equipment, Williams began moving around and kicking inside the bag.

Byron Porter, who manages the funeral home, said it is the first time he has ever seen a "dead" man come back to life. Porter said "he was not dead, long story short."

Walter Williams' nephew Eddie Hester was present when his uncle was declared dead and transported to the funeral home. Hester and the rest of the family called the apparent resurrection a miracle. Hester said he doesn't "know how long he's going to be here, but [he knows] he's back right now."

As reported by ABC News, neither the coroner nor the family can explain what happened. However, Hester said he and his family are happy to have an opportunity to spend more time with Williams. He said "that's all that matters."

When the funeral home staff realized the "dead" man was actually alive, they arranged transport to a local hospital. Williams is still suffering from a critical illness. However, he is currently alive and stable. After hearing about the ordeal, Walter Williams told his family that he is "happy to be alive."

Holmes County Sheriff Willie March questioned the coroner about the confusion. The coroner speculated that Williams' pacemaker may have stopped working long enough for him to be declared dead. Although the explanation is plausible, the coroner is uncertain. He told Sheriff March that in his opinion it was "a miracle."

WAPT News reports that the "dead" man has always been known as a hard worker and fighter. Williams spent the majority of his life working on his family farm. He also served on the city's school board for many years.

Walter Williams is well-respected within the community and deeply loved by his family and friends. Although his health is failing, the "dead" man and his family were blessed with time. They now have more time to spend together and more time to say goodbye.

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