Rapper Memphis Bleek Arrested For Claiming Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Daughter On His Taxes?

This report probably seems outlandish simply because it is! The comical rumor alleges that the former Roc-a-Fella rapper, who was once Jay-Z’s protégé, is hurting for cash. So, out of desperation to receive a larger tax refund, he needed a dependent. So, he claimed Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s famous daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

According to Cream BMP Daily, on Thurs. Feb. 27 the “Is That Yo Chick” rapper was arrested at his New Jersey home after falsifying information on his 2013 federal income tax return.

The publication goes on to report that he made an attempt to plead his case by explaining how he contributed as a caregiver to the 2-year-old child. “Who you think combing that hair while Bey and Jay out on tour?,” said Bleek, whose real name is Malik Cox. “Wasn’t like I was taking money out they pockets. I was gonna give them half.” he explained.

The story claims that Bleek was expecting an estimated $8K tax refund as a result of claiming the child, and that he planned to split the funds with the Roc Nation front-runner. “I mean can you blame me? This n***a got me wearing Rocawear when he don’t even like the s**t,” he said in reference to the urban clothing brand Jay-Z sold back in March of 2007 for an estimated $204 million.

Bleek stated that he was just taking the initiative to recoup what he felt the couple owed him since he stayed with the child while they toured! “To be honest my feelings were hurt and he made me start to feel real Dame Dash-ish,” he said of Jay-Z’s former business partner whom he severed ties with in 2006.

The story, which has went viral since it was published, surfaced on Twitter under a parody account created to mimic the media outlet TMZ. Once the “breaking news” report hit Twitter, users began re-tweeting which caused its quick circulation on the site. The ridiculous story currently has more than 40,000 Facebook likes as it continues to circulate around the Internet.

The story was most likely fueled by Bleek’s recent response to Jay-Z’s slightly negative connotation about him on Kanye West’s “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix).” Although the song was released back in 2005, Bleek alleges Jay-Z’s reference to him is what ultimately tainted his credibility as a rapper.

Here’s what Jay-Z had to say in the song:

“Bleek could be one hit away his whole career/As long as he’s alive, he’s a millionaire/And even if I die, he’s in my will somewhere/So he can just kick back and chill somewhere.”

“I don’t like that line ’cause that line put a stamp on my career, like I look at people looking at me like [Jay] is just taking care of me and I’m just chilling and I’m not working. As you see, I’m here.” Bleek explained.

Image via Memphis Bleek, Facebook