Thanks Inquisitr Readers and better load times ahead

A quick note of thanks to readers of The Inquisitr for your support in our 7 and a bit months in existence. We continue to reach new highs, and today we broken the 3000 post mark.

That’s a great milestone, but it also came with a problem you like having: lots of traffic. We broke 1 million page views last month for the first time, and over the past three days we’ve done over 100,000 page views on each day. We love the traffic and we thank you for your support, but the spike caused a lot of pressure on our hosting, and as such we haven’t been the easiest site to load over this time.

Effective today we’ve upgraded our servers to Nitro at Media Temple, a huge leap in price, but likewise a big commitment in making sure you have the best experience when visiting the site at ALL times, even when the traffic is heavy.

Our thanks for your support, and if you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s the best way to keep up with the latest news from The Inquisitr over the holiday season. Click the RSS button in your browser for the full list of RSS subscription options, including feeds for every category so you can pick what you like.

We also will be all hands on deck over the Holiday Season, so you can trust The Inquisitr to keep you up to date with the latest tech, media industry, entertainment, odd + funny and important general news through Christmas and in to the New Year