Jill Scott Gives Us a Sneak Peak of Her New Album on Jay Leno Show

Michael Söze

After a nearly 4 year break, Grammy Award winning R&B singer Jill Scott is back in the music mix- her fourth album is due to drop tomorrow.

The album, titled The Light Of The Sun, features production from Terry Lewis, JR Hutson and Justice League as well as guest appearances from Anthony Hamilton, Eve, Doug E. Fresh and Paul Wall.

In a recent interview with NPR, Scott revealed that while some moments on the record are mysterious and others deeply personal, her decisions about what to reveal in a song are rarely premeditated.

"Not everything is up for conversation; not everything is up for art. But do I really discern what is and what's not? That's the question," she says. "Particularly with this record, I've really just been standing in front of the microphone and blacking out musically. I come back a couple hours later and there's six songs from beginning to end."

In one song on the upcoming album, So Gone (What My Mind Says), the 39-year-old Philly native teams up with artist Paul Wall to create a racy track involving celibacy and the employment of adult services therein.

“It’s a song about a girl who is being celibate because she’s respecting herself and trying to do something completely different. In the meantime, she’s still a boss and she could use a little [sex],” explains Scott.

Other titles on the album include "Hear My Call," "Le BOOM Vent Suite," and "All Cried Out," which features the vocals of rapper Doug E. Fresh. For the full track listing for The Light of The Sun head over to Rap-up.

Check out Jill Scott's recent performance of So In Love on the Jay Leno Show below:

via NPR