Big Bang Theory – Will Sheldon Dump Amy Farrah Fowler Tonight?

As we left the Big Bang Theory in the last episode, prior to the Winter Olympics taking over the channel, Sheldon had finally given in to his baser instincts and kissed his equally brainy girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler. Despite the smooch, speculation is running rampant that Sheldon will dump Amy this week in the episode titled, “The Table Polarization.”

In the previous episode, “The Locomotive Manipulation,” Sheldon and Amy went out to dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Amy confronted Sheldon, who is averse to any form of intimacy, about where their relationship was heading. They began to argue after Sheldon accused Amy of spending more time with a stranger, and in the heat of the moment, Sheldon kissed her.

Big Bang executive producer Steve Molaro talked to Entertainment Weekly about the kiss:

We knew we were going to do this Valentine’s Day episode where Amy manages to get Sheldon to go up to Napa for the weekend by using the train as bait. And you know, their relationship is great, but I think there’s only so much Amy can take. We do need to keep it moving forward even if it’s in baby steps, and I was just feeling that it was time. She deserved a big win, and this seemed like a good way to get to it.

Unfortunately for Amy and Big Bang fans across the country, this may be the last kiss that the Sheldon plants on her, as many are speculating that the relationship will end tonight.

All this speculation stems from the preview for tonight’s episode. Online speculation centers on Sheldon’s agitation that dating Amy has caused his personality to change. In a move to rectify that problem, Sheldon will decide to terminate their relationship.

I’ve allowed that woman to alter my personality! Amy has made me more affectionate, open-minded person, and that stops now.

In typical Big Bang fashion, the catalyst for a major plot point centers around something innocuous. Tonight, it appears that Leonard’s purchase of a table will spark the realization that Sheldon is unhappy with how his relationship with Amy has affected his personality.

The other plot line to be explored, pun intended, is Howard telling the group that he wants to go to space again, but knowing that Bernadette will not be happy with the news. So Howard cooks up excuses to avoid being qualified for the program.

The Big Bang Theory airs every Thursday, at 8 pm on CBS. Do you think that Sheldon will go through with it and dump Amy? o you think it will help the show if he does? Tell us what you think of this episode of the Big Bang Theory in the comments section below.